No Frauds: Kick Your Imposter Syndrome to the Curb

Do you ever feel like a big ol’ fake? Like, you have zero clue what you are doing and someone is going to expose you at any moment?

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And it’s been hitting me hard af the last couple months. Since starting my journey as a content marketing consultant and writer, the self-doubt has been coming on strong:

  • “Am I even qualified enough to call myself a consultant? People are going to judge me.
  • “What if I’m not worthy enough to charge XYZ? No one’s really going to pay me that.”
  • “Will people think I’m a fraud when I hold wellness classes? I don’t have a degree in any type of health field.”

Guess what? Every single time the opposite occurs, I attribute it to pure luck. “Ahhh, I just got really lucky.

That, dear readers, is what we call imposter syndrome. If you’ve ever felt like you’re not worthy enough, or that your accomplishments are “flukes” simply driven by luck … you’ve felt it too.

A lot of people do actually. One-third of U.K. millennials experience imposter syndrome in the workplace, and 70% of U.S. millennials suffer through it. Ugh, and apparently, imposter syndrome is way more prevalent among minorities.


So, if you’re reading this, there’s a significant chance you’ve been doubting your greatness. For some reason or another, you are believing these awful lies your brain is feeding you. And that’s exactly what they are: lies. Because, friend, if you show up day after day and you do the work, you’re no imposter. You’re a fuckin’ boss.

I don’t know that it’s possible to fully cure imposter syndrome, but I’d love for every single one of us to take a moment and revel in what we’ve accomplished this year. Yep. Take a minute—right now—close your gorgeous eyes, and channel your inner-Kanye.

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Give yourself some love and remind yourself that you are not some basic bitch. Nope. You are someone who hustles and puts in the effort. You are so worthy of landing that new job (even if you don’t know SQL), of getting that promotion, of being in an awesome relationship, of making a shit ton of money, of crushing that side hustle, of being invited to speak and mingle at fabulous events, and beyond.

My friend … you. are. more. than. enough. I know this to be true about you. 💜

So, just remember – even if you’re not where you want to be in life (pshhhh, 99.9% of us aren’t), you have already done so much. You will continue to do so much. Be proud of that, and let those awesome vibes carry you through these final days of 2017 + well into 2018.


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