Feeling Powerless? Make Self-Care Your No. 1 Priority

Guys. October has been one hell of a month so far – and not in a stellar way.

From the tragedies in Puerto Rico and Las Vegas, to the itty-bitty-shitties that life has thrown my way… I have found myself completely baffled by everything and feeling sort of out of control.

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This has not been the first stretch of my life in which I’ve felt powerless. And I know for a fact, it will not be the last. We can control a lot, but we cannot control natural disasters, or other people’s awful decisions to cause harm.

In times like these, we need to cling on to what we can control: ourselves + how we react to the world around us.

Yes, this is the time for us to do everything we can to make the world around us a better place. But, we need to make sure we are taking care of ourselves, too. It’s like the flight attendants say before you take off: “Before helping others, please make sure your own mask is secure.” If you try to assist others without your mask on, you literally will not have the oxygen you need to continue helping.

So, during life moments like these, how on earth do we protect ourselves? You got it: Self-care.

Hold-up-wait-a-minute. People keep throwing around the term “self-care” a bunch. But, what does it even mean?! Is it just some empty phrase we spew out to sound like modern healers? No, no, no! It’s legit, I promise. Here’s how I define it:

9 ways *you* can practice self-care

* Unplug. Yep. Turn off the news. Get off social media. Stop debating with people on public forums. Stop taking in all the stuff that’s causing you to feel awful in the first place. Yes, people are suffering, but that doesn’t mean that we need to soak in all of the images of their suffering in order to empathize with them. There are better ways.

* Meditate. Believe it or not, this one right herrrre is probably the most helpful method of practicing self-care. Meditation; prayer; connecting with the universe – whatever you want to call it – is so, so crucialStudies show that this is a super helpful remedy for stress and anxiety.

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I swear by it. I rub frankincense oil on my chest and just breathe. The act of sitting down and thinking about nothing but your breath sounds difficult, but, try it. The Calm app is a good way to start.

* Take a walk. This is the perfect time of year for it, so throw on your sneakers and just walk for 30 minutes.

* Connect with a good friend. Facetiming with my best friend who lives in California is always awesome. I could feel like the hottest mess in the world, but breaking it down with this girl will always be a little dose of therapy.

Which brings me to …

* Therapy. I’m a huge advocate of people seeking therapy – regardless if they have a mental health condition or not. Talking to someone who can provide unbiased feedback is so valuableespecially if your insurance will help you pay for it. If your insurance won’t help pay for it, there are other options. I haven’t personally tried the TalkSpace app, but I’ve heard good things.

* Listen to inspiring words. The Super Soul Conversations podcast is my jam. Y’all know I’m out here trying to become the millennial Oprah, so her words are like 🔥 to me. But, there are other ones too! Seriously, hearing other people talk about how they see the world around them is magic.

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* Take a bubble bath. This is my new favorite. I pour myself a glass of rosé or Kombucha, put on some relaxing music [Of Monsters & Men, usually], drop some lavender essential oil into my bath, and just veg out.

* Journal. I’ve always been a huge journal-er, but my life coach Lucy (who is an incredible human – 10/10 recommend!) has me doing it in a new way. She asks me to answer this question each evening: “How have I empowered myself today?” Not only has this practice challenged me to think about what I’m doing to empower myself, it inspires me to keep living with intention.

* Treat yo’self to something relaxing. Give yourself a manicure, or splurge on a massage, or go sit in the park with some snacks and your favorite book. Treat yourself to a little something. You’re an awesome person, and you deserve it.

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Take care of you …

… because even though you might be feeling the itty-bitty-shitties right now, guess what? The sun will still rise tomorrow. Life will go on, and we need you to stay on the up-and-up so we can continue to fight the good fight together.


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