How to Score Extra Cash and Free Stuff This Month

Happy New Year, pals!

The holiday season is officially behind us, and if you went hard like I did … your bank account might be looking kinda bleak right now.

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Gifts. Travel. Gifts. Food. Gifts.

That shiz adds upppp. And if you failed to jump on the Bitcoin train while it was hot, you’re outta luck.

Fear not, dudes + dudettes. I’ve compiled 5 ways to help you get some cold, hard cash + free stuff this month. Read More

This Is Why Movements Like “Black Girl Magic” Exist

I’ve been holding off on writing this blog post for a few months now. Why? Mostly out of fear; fear of being open and vulnerable. But, my life journey calls for me to live truthfully and do things that make me uncomfortable. So, here it is!

About four months ago, I was laying wide awake at 1 a.m. while my boyfriend slept soundly. I counted a bunch of sheep, and it didn’t work, so I turned to my trusty companion: Reddit. If you’re not familiar with Reddit, it is fascinating. This site is like all of the bad things and all of the good things about the Internet in one place. It melts my heart to browse the “good” communities, where the kindest people go to show the world some love. Read More

Scared to Make Your Next Move? Don’t Avoid the Fear; Embrace It.

Dearest friends, let’s talk about fear for a minute. It is, after all, the perfect time of year to analyze this topic.

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Nahhh, this post isn’t about ghouls, goblins or the current political climate. Instead, I want us all to take a minute to acknowledge the hot mess witches that live within our minds. Read More

How to Get Your Resume (and Cover Letter!) Noticed in 2017

Oh, these hot mess millennials and their job-hopping. A solid 38% are planning to leave their current employer within two years.

I believe it … because, if you’re reading this …

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Nah, it’s not too late.

If you’re reading this and know me IRL, there’s a good chance I’ve helped you write your resume, edit your cover letter, or I have conducted a mock interview with you. Read More

Life Pro Tip: Don’t Assume Demographics. Just Ask

A few weeks ago, I tried to sum up my bicultural experience on this blog. TL;DR – it’s tough to identify as Hispanic and American at the same time. It’s especially tough when you don’t look or sound like the media’s stereotypical portrayal of Hispanic. I look nothing like J.Lo, and I definitely do not sound “exotic” [eyeroll] 🙄 like Salma Hayek.

Well, I recently came across a real-life example of this experience … and because I am a true millennial who loves to overshare, I’m gonna give you guys the deets. Read More

Growing Up Bicultural in America, and Learning to Embrace It

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Last month, I experienced one of the proudest moments ever as I watched my niece Ashley graduate from university. [She’s only seven years younger than I am, so we’re close – almost more like sisters than aunt|niece.]

The most touching moment of the entire weekend was when Ash delivered her speech as the selected student speaker for the school’s multicultural graduation (also known as Kushinda or Ritos de Pasaje). Homegirl stood up there, spoke like a boss, and absolutely crushed it. Read More