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Being an adult is tough, guys.

I wasted the vast majority of my adulthood constantly crying about anything because that was, like, my thing. Crying was legit my favorite activity.

Let me tell you: That is no way to live.

Over the last year or so, I decided to start meditating, eating healthier and living a toxin-free lifestyle, e.g. no crazy chemicals [see ya, bleach!] or weird perfumes in my home. My body is too delicate, and all the external crap was draining my energy.

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It has worked.

My life is now on track to be the ideal one I’ve always wanted for myself.

This section of my site is dedicated to teaching you how I use my magical little essential oils + meditation to keep my mind and body on track.

Some of these posts and videos are password protected because they’re super personal + I get into some real shit. Want access? Shoot me an email [stephanie@livedynamic.co], and you shall pass.

When you’re good and ready to make a change like I did, this is the best place to start. This is where you can grab your very own essential oil Premium Starter Kit from Young Living, which includes 11 of the most commonly used oils + a diffuser + other treats. It’s legit everything you need to kickstart your dynamic journey. (P.S. Make sure you choose the membership option, so you can get 24% off future purchases + you’re not stuck paying retail prices. Cuz, ain’t nobody tryna pay full price for anything!)


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